Aspects from 1984 in United States and Other Parts of the World

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Table of Contents
United States
Other Countries
1.)Gas Ration
2.)Sex Education
3.) Ministry of Truth
3.)Children Policy
4.)Watch your [[#|Money]]
4.)North Korea close borders
5.)Thought [[#|Criminals]]
5.)Outfit of the day
6.)Britain Cameras
7.)War is Peace
7.)Kim Jong Il
8.)Anti-Sex League
8.)China Controls you
9.) Ministry of Peace
9.)North Korea's weapons
10.)Eyes on you
10.)[[#|Class]] System

United States Examples

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Everyone has [[#|a computer]] in their house. They screens that show us news and are on 24/7 just like the telescreens in 1984. Anyone with the right amount of skill in today's society can hack into any [[#|laptop]] and be able to watch the owner of the computer. The telescreens in 1984 are able to watch everyone's move and no one can do anything about it. When someone hacks into your computer they are able to watch you through your webcam, surf through your computer, and go through you computer to get all of your [[#|information]]. Telescreens know more about people then they know about themselves. They know everything and watch people more than what they think. Government if needed can easily hack into your computer for any [[#|information]].

Webcam hackers

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In 1984, they had made their own dictionary for people to use. It was controlled so that people could use them at their own discretion. Newspeak used more efficient words that made everything sound so much better and easier for people. Now a days, people use short hand for words, so it is easier for texting and any type of [[#|information]] given. This has given words less humanity to words so that they are dull and easy to read. In the book to compare it to now, shows that u can lose a concept of a word as a whole by changing it completely and not having the word anymore.

"Newspeak" for new generation

3.)Ministry of Truth
Ministry of Truth is a place where they change and alter [[#|information]] to help the the party. It changes history so that controls the past and the present. In today's society, everyone relies on [[#|the internet]] to find [[#|information]]. In reality, anything can be said on [[#|the internet]]. The Encyclopedia book compared to [[#|the internet]] Wikipedia is different. Anyone can change or alter the [[#|information]] to match the past or the present in their favor. People need to check [[#|information]] to make sure it is the real information. This commercial shows that anything can be said on [[#|the internet]] and people assume it is true.

4.)Watch your [[#|Money]]
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In 1984 there is not anything that the Inner Party doesn't know. They know all of your purchases. The rations that happened are a result to how much a person was buying. This is how they limited people from buying items. Today when you buy something on [[#|the internet]] anyone can find that out. Government can find out your last purchase or anyone can take your [[#|information]] and find out what you are buying on the on your computer. Everything that you buy now a days are tracked with [[#|a computer]] or some kind of devise that shows what you are buying.

Phones tracking money

5.)Thought [[#|Criminals]]
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Telescreens and the thought police hunt down people that talk about or think about bad things about the government, [[#|crimes]] of all types and perversions of all types. The telescreens tell about people that have committed the thought [[#|crime]] to show people what has or will happen to them and what they want people to know. Today we are exposed to thought crime. Daytime talks shows are full of people in society that tell us about their thoughts about our society. They tell us and show us about things that they are against. They show us the bad things in society and how we should or shouldn't follow them. They possess our minds on what we should or should't believe.

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In 1984, the Inner Party created ration for chocolate. This was changed by Minstry of Truth to match the information of the Inner Party. They only allowed people to get a certain amount of it. The Inner Party controlled what items people were allowed to buy. They also did the same thing with razors blades. The party can easily controll the amount of an item you can buy or take it away. In today's society, the government and companies put warning labels or make a shortage of the item so it harder to get. They controll what items people buy with labels that change peoples minds about things or just not producing an item anymore can stop any item from being bought.

7.)War is Peace
In Oceania, no one outside of the Inner Party knows anything about the wars or any personal information that would be tragic to the people. People just assume that what ever they hear on the telescreens about the anything or wars is actually going on and they believe anything they hear. This is what keeps them in power and no one questions a single thing. In our society, we are fighting a war, but Why? What is happening? Is our soldiers coming home? These are the questions people ask, but we get no answers. Everything is a secret and we only hear what the government wants us to know. No one tells people what is actually happening and the real news about the tragic wars or important information that would worry the general public.

Top Secret

8.)Anti-Sex League
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In 1984, Inner Party created the Junior Anti-Sex League that goes against sexual relationships with people in order to be loyal to Big Brother. They also have to wear a sash the show that they are in the Anti-Sex League. There is a present day league called Anti-Aids Celibacy League that tells women to not engage in sexual relationships and to be pure. There is also a red ribbon that they wear to show they are part of the group. They both are groups that represent the same meaning of life and they want no sexual relationships with others.

Anti-Sex League

9.) Ministry of Peace

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Ministry of Peace serves as the defense ministry of Oceania's government. It is in charge of the armed forces. The Ministry of Peace may be the most vital organ of Oceania, seeing as the nation is supposedly at war continuously with either Eurasia or Eastasia and requires just the right force to not win the war. In today's society we have United States Department of Defense. They deal with the same part of the armed forces as the Ministry of Peace as in the book. They represent the same thing and they always make us into continous war. We are always at war with someone and it doesn't stop.

Department of Defense

10.)Eyes on you
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In 1984, Big Brother poster is all over. The telescreens are like cameras that show your every move. You cannot go unnoticed and every step you make is presented and shown on the the screen. In any place, you always have surveillance watching you, inside your home(television) and outside(stores and street corners). It is Big Brother always around. Today, no one is ever not seen because of surveillance It is everywhere because people want to know your every move in stores or outside. It is a changing thing that everywhere you look there is a camera always watching you.


Other Countries Examples

1.)Gas Ration
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In Britain, they had a ration of gas, just like Oceania did with chocolate. Britain was low on their gas supply, which cause them to charge more for gas and higher gas bills for people. People were forced to use less gas in their homes and have to pay more for it. They were close to running out of it with in a 36 hour period. Oceania was forced to ration chocolate for people and cut their supply of them being able to get it because Inner Party said so.

British Gas

2.)Sex Education
In Thailand, they are forced to to teach sex education in detail. They want to stop unwanted diseases and unwanted children. They teach the children in detail about the the parts of the body and proper ways of sexual performances, so they keep them away from sex and the horrible things that can happen. It is the same as the Junior Anti-Sex League that shows how horrible sexual relationships can be. They prove points of many unwanting things things that can happen with sex, so they keep kids and people away from it. They want people to be pure.

Sex Ed

3.)Child Policy
In 1984, couples are only allowed to have children and even that they are limited. They do not want couples to fall in love. A man and woman are only in society to have children and nothing else. Inner party doesn't believe that many people can just have children. In China, they are on a One Child Policy. China has rules on what gender a child can be and how many people can have. The government has more control over kids then the parents do. They control children just like the Inner Party does.

One Child Policy

4.)North Korea closes borders
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In 1984, no one in Oceania is allowed to leave. They are to belive that anything in the outside world is a horrible place and haved learned to hate it. No one wantd to challenge Big Brother and his word that the outside world might have something better for them. In North Korea, has forced borders to be closed between them and China. They are not allowed to leave North Korea. They have believed that they are the enemy. Both places Oceania and North Korea are forced to believe what their leader stays to the point that they don't know if there is anything better for them.

North Korea Believes it

5.)Outfit of the day
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In 1984, everyone is forced to wear blue jumpsuits. Everyone looks the same and no one was allowed to wear anything different. In Islam, all of the women are forced to wear abaya or a jilbab. This dress is a floor length dress, traditionally with long sleeves. The hijab is a scarf that covers the hair, neck and chest of a woman.The niqab allows for a woman's eyes to be revealed, but covers the rest of her face, hair and neck. They are forced to wear this everyday with no say about it. They cannot wear anything different, which is the same as 1984 because they have no say in what they can wear either.

6.)Britain Cameras
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Big Brother is watch is a true fact in Britain. There is telescreens everywhere that can watch you every move. Surveillance is everywhere in Briatin. people complain about the cameras being able to spot you from half of a mile away. People are being closely watched and they disagree with it. They believe it is cutting away from their privacy.


7.)Kim Jong Il
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Big Brother is who everyone in Oceania followed and obeyed. They followed his rules and believed anything he said. In North Korea, Kim Jong Il is the Big Brother of the society. People followed his rules and did whatever he said. They called him the Big Brother of North Korea. He was firm with his rules and controlled everything.
North Korea is a slave

8.)China controls you
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Big Brother is the only person you love. You follow his rule and nothing more. You don't do anything different than what he says. Big Brother doesn't want you be associated with the outside world. In China, they are restricting internet access from the society. They want them to be isolated from the outside world so they don't know what is going on with the rest of the world. They don't want society to turn against them.

Control is everything

9.)North Korea's Weapons
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In 1984, there was weapons of mass destruction. When Winston was walking, there was a bomb that blew up by him. There is millions of weapons that are presented in today's society. In North Korea, they are shown to have weapons of mass destruction that they will and can use as a threat. They say that they are "The Nation's Life." In 1984, it is shown to be a way to prove a war. It can also in society be used a threat to provoke war or to show that in the future what can happen. It keeps people knowing what there is and to be warned about war.

North Korea Weapons

10.)Class Systems
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In Mexico, there is Upper, Middle, and Lower class of people. In 1984, there is Inner, Outer, and Proles. The upper class of both isn't very many people, middle class of both has a little more people, but most of the population is the lower class of people. They have the social classes that show how you live within the society and it shows a lot about you in both societies.

Social class

Many aspects of today's society are reflected into the book 1984. We don't realize how our society has formed to be more controlling over the people. We are all delusional to how it actually seems like Big Brother is actually watching us. Some societies are more Big Brother than others, but each place still has that one group or person that controls over more than what we think. We are slowly losing power over the things we would never thought we would lose power over. Everything is Big Brother and the Inner Party. Its crazy to think that a simple book that was published before today, actually reflects more of our society than we think.