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this is very intesting, at anytime you can be tracked by your cell phone.

1. phone tapping. its really hard to belive, but its true, youll never know if your phone is being traced. goverment uses the phone tapping method to catch terrorist. Police also use phone tapping on their routin. In 1984 they would use the childern to fin dout information with out you even knowing.


2.media control. We all listen to the media, we depend on the media, their are source of informartion. after all this time everything were told be be made up lies or false information but we will never know. Big Brother would always lie to its citizens during 2 min hates making their enemny look like their the cause of everything and feeding them false information.

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3.gun control: with all the new laws for firearms it makes it harder to buy a fire arm also price of ammo is expensive. Also new laws of banding firearms, if us Americans lost are right to own firearms we would be defenseless. Having back around checks for every time you wanna buy a new firearm and even ammunition has its own limits. Having this cutback saves having true criminals buying guns.


4. Cellphone tracking. Random people being able to track you with an app, police being able make one phone call and able listen every word you say over your conversation on your cell phone. You"ll never if anyone is listening with all the advance technology your privacy is getting more limited. Big brother always has an eye on its help and feels they have full control. U.S. is now trying to get to know every bit of information.


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5. police camras: Police now use traffic camras to help catch more people braking the law while drive and even catching small time crimes on the traffic camra. the state and government now has eyes in the sky watching over all of us. Teloscreens are like that in away it can see everything everyone is doing, Big Brother has eyes on us at all times!


6.X - ray scanning: Some people feel that having x ray scanning over your whole body is invading your privacy, makes others feel uncomfortable, but air ports says its post to help them with spoting terrorist and drug trafficting.


7.Gay rights: Gay rights is a very talked about topic in congress. Many people fight for their right and belife, but would it be agianst religion? thats what makes it so hard and many other laws agiasnt it. Big Brother is agiants males and females to meet and allow them to gain any kind of feelings for each other, in there own way they are agiasnt love.


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8 hidden camera: hidden cameras have been found in public places. having cameras in public place sis hard to decide if that's really invading someone's privacy because its a public places, you don't really have much privacy in the first place. its just a great way for police and other authority to have watch over the people. just like 1984 they have eyes on us when we don't even know it.


9. War. both in 1984 and modern united states are in war with another enemy and have been fighting for many years now. could it be just like the same reason as ociana is In war, order of the people? Big brother wants people to love them and have full control and that's why they always make there enemy look bad, just like false media. we could be living in the same way with really without knowing any better.

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10. prison and labor camps: United states and Oceana both have their own way with dealing with criminals and other type of law barkers. U.S a person will go to a prison and 1984 a person would work in labor camps just like the Nazi did during world war ii. they need places and ways to keep order among the people. is having labor camps and stuff done in prisons consider abuse or anything among those terms? its all the government way have having full control of its people just like Big Brother.

Other Countries ways

1. North Korea Lights: North Korea has been spotted that they have been turning off their own lights and other sources of electricity to save energy. People of North Korea know once the lights go out their post to be heading home. Just like people of Oceana they have curfews and rules just like people of North Korea.



2. Sweat shops: In many other countries around the world like North Korea and China have sweet shops. These sweet shops are away for people to make a very low income for themselves and family members. Also it can be treated was a labor work law for people to work under authority control.


3. North Korea citizens: Citizens of North Korea haven or being lied to by its own Government is lying to its citizens about everything on between the U.S. Just like Big Brother they lie to their citizens to make them happy and think everything is normal. why lie to your own citizens to make an unreal life style.



4; FOOD. In Cuba citizens are givin food rations as a form of livign. people are own to have so much food to live off of. this is just unwrite for some to tell you how much food you can have at one time. Big Brother food was very poor as well and had hard times finding certin goods.


5. Poor living condtions; Other countrie due to very low income and not very much support for government funding and such, people are forced to live in very poor and diry area. due to the living condtions people become sick and some die.



6. China kids policy: In China a couple is only allowed to have on child becuase China is so over populated. Due to that it can cause problems in familys becuase they use their childern for labor. in 1984 they use the childern to their advantge to find out information on the people taking about the inner pary and other information that would be important.


7. North Korea Punishment; in North Korea if you do something wrong you can be punished for it. Just like Big Brother you have room 101 and they have to ability to brain wash you. its scary to know that if you do something wrong or even small mistake you can be punished in a bad way.


8. China Abortion: China has one of the largest population in the world. In some areas it is so over populated that people are living in poor living conditions. Not knowing how to eliminate this overpopulated area, Chinese officials have began to force abortions on the women. After having a first child because of the overcrowded populations the women are legally forced to have an abortion on any other pregnancy's.