Examples in the United States.
Examples in the World.
1. Marriage Control
1. North Korea's propaganda
2. Phone tracking
2. Poor Living Conditions
3. Private surveillance
3. Brain washing in North Korea
4. War on Terror
4. Torture in North Korea
5. The new thought Police
5. Wars in other Countries
6. Internet tracking
6. Poor Working Conditions in China
7. The Pledge of Allegiance
7. Google Over Me
8. Control through media
8.Jamaican Slang
9.Hacking through stuff
9.North Korea's surveillance
10. Using fear to control
10. Kim jong-un being referred to as the leader




Examples in the United States to 1984:

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1. Marriage Control
Control is marriage usually rises from either fear, low-self esteem, or even insecurity from one or both partners. The need to control is usually fuelled by a desire, coming from negative experiences from a childhood. Having a low-self esteem usually leads leads to somebody feeling superior to partners. Having control issues could lead towards physical or emotional effects.
"Marriage Problems." n. page. Print. <http://mscyprah.newsvine.com/_news/2011/08/07/7290564-control-issues-that-cause-problems-in-a-marriage>.

2. Phone Tracking:

external image gps31.jpgThe government is now taking advantage on privacy and technology. As long as your phone is on, the government can register your phone with a cell tower every few minutes. By doing this, the government can learn a bunch about you of the amount of detailed personal information you give out by location history from cell phone company, the friends you are seeing, when you go to the doctors or even church. The government can do this and get tons of information without you even knowing and they can usually do this without a warrant.

"Phone tracking." n. page. Print. <http://www.aclu.org/government-location-tracking-cell-phones-gps-devices-and-license-plate-readers>.

3. Private Surveillance:

Cameras are placed everywhere with in the world, restaurants streets, schools, etc. Cameras are watching everything you do pretty much at any time when you don't even expect it. I do think that placing cameras around do help a lot better on major issues that go on around the world, but some other areas i don't think should have cameras such as some dressing rooms, and bathrooms and other private sections.
"Private surveillance ." n. page. Print. <http://abcnews.go.com/US/private-surveillance-cameras-catching-criminals/story?id=18315023>.
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4. War on Terror:

external image 1359.jpg

The war between Eastasia and Eurasia was a never ending war from the beginning of the story in 1984. Just like 1984 we are having the same problem. We are constantly at war with someone else and as in 1984 we also can't see, unless it's over the media. Having anger for some other country only happens in the mind. We should have a really good reason for us to be at war with someone, instead of going to war with someone and having no reason at all.

"War on Terror." n. page. Print. <"Private surveillance ." n. page. Print. . >.

5. The New Thought Police:

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTObkiwq---K87IJrlDr80D6l0HtI8KIkb1cBl2RGNYwLH1mqZpYgThe National Security Agency is finding out new ways to be able to read someones own thoughts. This agency is becoming more and more pow
external image the-new-thought-police.jpg
erful because of the information they are receiving to be able to process thoughts of someone. They collect information such as data from a cell phone call, bank statements, GPS tracks, credit card receipts and even Social Networks like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Not only will they be able to know what someone is thinking but it also might be able to determine exactly where someone is at.

"Thought police." n. page. Print. <http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/military/nsa-police.html>.

6. Internet Tracking :

external image employee-internet-tracking.jpgFacebook, Google, Twitter, and other internet sources are more then likely tracking exactly where you are at. These websites correlate your online behavior with your purchase habits offline. If you're on your phone while being on these websites it will pick up your location of where you are at from the location data in your cell phone. Maintaining privacy has become nearly impossible and more then likely someone will know either where you are at, or what you are looking up.
"Internet surveillance ." n. page. Print. <http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/16/opinion/schneier-internet-surveillance>.

7. The Pledge of Allegiance:

In school many kids are taking an oath to America by saying The Pledge of Allegiance. Many kids in school are required to sing the Pledge every day in class, which is very similar to the Two- Minute Hate in 1984. They brain washed people into forcing them to believe one thing and that was the hat ridge for Goldstien. They are doing the exact same thing and brain washing these kids to sing the Pledge of Allegiance, even though they may not agree with it's terms.
external image kids-saying-pledge.jpg
"Pledge of Allegiance ." n. page. Print. <http://thewarrioronline.com/?p=330>.

8. Control through media:

Everyday there is always something either on the local news, national/international news, or even sports news. The media can make us believe anything and everything they feed us just because we are so used to their information as being true. Even though most of the information that goes through the media we figure it to be true, we could never know, and all the information they feed us could be false just like what Big Brother did.
"Media Control." n. page. Print. <http://www.personal-development-coach.net/mind-control-through-media.html>.
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9. The Ability to Hack into anything :
external image hackers.jpg

Even though you may think your conversations are private between the person you're having a conversation with, you're wrong.
The government has the ability to be able to check your text messages, listen to conversations over they phone, e-mails,
or any other personal information you may think may be hidden from others.This might be something that Big Brother
would have done because they government is watching over their personal information.

"Hacking." n. page. Print. <http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/04/us/us-weighs-risks-and-motives-of-hacking-by-china-or-iran.html?pagewanted=all>.

10. Using Fear as Control:
The government uses fear to help control a persons mind to be able to get them do what they want them to do ,
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxyd0h2oBrQAybjaF1saRnOOsbMLt12ig4wcjGh8oWxfZx0z-Zjw
so we can stay away from economical situations.Not only might they put fear onto others to make them due better,
but they also do it for our own safety.

Examples in other countries to 1984:

1. North Korea Propaganda:

external image north-korea-propaganda.jpg

Propaganda in North Korea is allowing people to believe that everything they are doing is right because
they are doing everything accordingly to what propaganda says.North Korea has just as much propaganda as in 1984.
They are brainwashing people to believe that everything is okay in 1984,
which is very similar to what North Korea is doing to there own people.
"North Korea." n. page. Print. <http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/05/north-korea-propaganda-video-uses-call-of-duty-and-we-are-the-world-to-imagine-a-brighter-world-without-manhattan/>.

2. Poor Living Conditions:

external image hungry-india.jpg
Many countries outside of the United States have very poor living conditions. All the poor-living countries are fighting the struggle to be able to eat and survive. Many of these people become sick and die because they aren't receiving anything. In 1984 many people were in the same situation struggling for money and food to stay alive.


3. North Korea Brain Washing:
North Korea is government is brain washing many of their people. Which is exactly what Big Brother did in 1984 when they were screaming and yelling during the two-minute hate. They are to believe that North Korea is superior to everyone else and that all other countries fear them.

"Brain washing." n. page. Print. <http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/welcome-to-north-korea---a-backward-396563>.
external image north_korean_children_shoot_bush.jpg external image 26koreaXL.jpg
North Korea (Pic:Getty)
North Korea (Pic:Getty)

4. Torture in North Korea:

external image torture4.jpg
In 1984 if you were to do something against the rules and beliefs they would put you through torture to get it through your head to not do it. In North Korea they have no fear to pain. If someone did something wrong they would have no problem with putting them out of their misery. This is a very disturbing thing to do, and I don't see what the meaning of hurting your own people will do, but I think they do it so everyone is the same mind zone with one belief.
"Torture." n. page. Print. <http://www.foxnews.com/story/2008/10/29/executions-torture-in-north-korea-worse-than-animal-slaughter/>.

5. Wars In Other Countries:

external image w29_60326138.jpg

Just like our Country other countries are in constant war all the time. They never have a break to be able to relax , always on a constant war attack with different countries. Many countries go to war for land, money, technology, or to even get back at them from their past affairs. Which is exactly like 1984 when their is a constant war between Eastasia and Eurasia.

6. Poor Working Conditions in China:

external image chinese-factory-worker.jpg

With China being a poor economic country many people are sending their kids to be able to go off and do jobs to receive money. Even though they are receiving money in the process, some of them might be tricked into working more then they should be getting paid. Big brother would do the same by having his people continue to work until they were asked to stop, which is the same thing that is happening in China. This is a very sad thing to see , especially the poor conditions that little kids have are coming into.

7. Google Over me:

external image google+logo+5.jpg

Countries around the world are using Google as a major web source for various reasons. Google would be an example of a telescreen watching over you because Google is watching personal information that you're looking up.

8. Jamaican Slang

external image tumblr_luvsbhFwP41qewbsro1_500.png

Not only are we the only ones who have our own shorted versions, or words that we make up to represent one word. Other people around the world like Jamaicans use their own slang, for example; boom means listen up, or luddy which means lucky. This is exactly what they do in 1984, either they leave words out or they make up their own words for everyone else to believe.

"Slang." n. page. Print. <http://www.real-jamaica-vacations.com/jamaican-slang.html>.

9. North Korean Surveillance :

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQtue4A7NS8mNuhCHtmefT41d5cS6K3OvNCvKfc7b1_JgJKVP8I

Last year North Koreans Leader has stepped up and now has 16,000 cameras looking over there people. In 1984 they did the exact thing. Big Brother had a camera in every area, so they could watch everyone's every move, everyday of every hour. North Korea wants to have to tighten up its control over society, and to be able to watch over their people and their lives.

"North Korea Surveillance." n. page. Print. <http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/northkorea/9801850/North-Korea-steps-up-surveillance-of-citizens-with-16000-CCTV-cameras.html>.

10. Kim Jong-Un being referred to as North Korea's leader:

external image Kim%20Jong%20Un.jpg

Not only does the U.S have someone who we look up to with greater power, and it in control of everyone else, but North Korea also has a leader whose name is Kim Jong-Un. The Koreans look up to this person as if we would our president. This proves that not only does the U.S have someone we look up too, but so other countries as well. This resembles Big Brother in the story because everyone looks up to him as their grateful leader.