Ten similarities in today's society from 1984

United Sates
Other countries
Cameras in Hotel Rooms
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Cameras in Taxis
Tapping into phones
Wire tapping
Cameras in changing rooms
Tapping into phones
Wire tapping by police
Cameras in buses
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The cameras in the hotel rooms, taxis, buses, and changing rooms invade on privacy through listening to conversations, viewing you in private and watching your every move. The cameras for most can be seen in plain sight such as in the buses and taxis but are disguised in the changing rooms and hotel rooms.

UAV's can fly over any place and pick you up on camera. It uses multiple cameras to hone in on a certain target and can easily pin point your exact location from over 5 miles away. Similar to the UAV is the SR-71 aka "Blackbird". This is very similar but it can never be shot down because it is basically in space but serves just for radar and navigation of a squad of men on a high stakes mission.

Phone tapping and wire tapping can be used to catch a criminal by either catching saying what he doing by confession to an undercover agent or by them talking over the phone that is tapped. Either way it invades on privacy by phone tapping because the government can listen into any conversation at any given time. Wire tapping is more or less an invasion of privacy because when it is used, an undercover agent goes into a drug dealer's business and they will say one wrong and it is recorded on the wire without the dealer knowing.