1984 in
Current Times

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Examples in America

Examples in other Countries

1. Online Monitoring
1.North Korea
2. Chipping
3.airport security
4. surveillance
5. technology used against us
6. Texting as Newspeak
7. Changing History
8. The Plege Alliegance

United States Examples

Online Monitoring

Google searches may not be as private as people may believe. Recently the government has asked google for data on its users 31,000 time in 2012. Rarely did they have a search warent for that information which is normaly needed for any access of information of that sort. Until 2012, priviate companies did not have to give access to their data, this changed with the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
(CISPA). Now this can go both ways because on one side, this is an invasion of privacy, however, the reason for the survalience is due to a fear of hackers and predators.
internet censorship and surveillance


Students at the Northside Indepediant school distric in San Antonio are required to carry a lanyard with a badge that has a tracking chip in it. These tracking chips are designed to track the whereabouts of the students at all times of the day. Many students and parents feel this is an invasion of privacy and may have a reason to stereotype students based on activities. Some students are even claiming that this goes against their religion and that the badge is the mark of the devil
tracking students

Airport Security

After the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centers, security in airports have become extremely tight. Passengers are forced to go through body and baggage screening on public and priviate airways due to the Aviation and Security Act(ATSA). The screenings are understandable but dont allow for any privacy which many citizens feel like is an invasion on personal space and dignity. The idea of the tighter security is understandable and the hieghtened security can give someone the comfort of a sence of security and a safe flight.
airport security


The amount and diversity of the surveillance on civilians in the United Staes is at a shocking high. Security cameras are everywhere and satilight pictures can help anyone spie on someone at any given time. Also surveillance drones havce been set out to take pictures of american cities and neighborhoods. Its not exactly like the telescreens but we are almost to the point where there is little to no privacy in our llives.
Patriot Act
US becoming North Korea

Technology Used Against us

Common technology like laptops and webcams may be in use when we dont realize it. These common household items can be acsessed by the government at any time to monitor citizens aand possibly catch thsoe who might be a threat to our nations security. This is an extreme invasion of privacy and should not be used without reasonable cause and should not be done without a warant.
seven sinister technologies from Orwell's 1984 that are still a athreat

Texting As Newspeak

In today's society, most teens don't type with propper grammar because they are so use to typing in "texting lingo". Texting Lingo is basicly abrieviated words and phrases instead of typing them out. This may lead to the extermination of propper grammar and create a illiterate society.

Changing History

In today's society, scources online cannot all be trusted such as wikipedia due to the fact that anyone can just log on and change what is written to something that may or may not bne true. With the transition from papper to screens the trust of what is online is not completly complete. Encyclopedias are not even in print anymore.

Following Money


Most Americans pay for most items with either a credit or debit card. When you make a transaction with one of your cards the location and amout of the purchase is recorded in a data base. This may lead to profiling and can become an invasion of pricvacy. There is not a way in exsistence yet to track money transactions.

The Pledge Allegiance

From the moment we learn to talk we are taught the plledge allegiance and even though we know not what we are saying we said it every single day at the begining of school. Its not untill we are older that this changes because we realize what we are saying and begin to question what we are saying and if we stand by those words. Personaly, i dont belive that kindergardeners and first graders should be forced to say it or encouraged to because they dont truely understand the meaning of the words coming out of their mouth and may hold different views than what they are saying.