Aspects of 1984 present in the world today.

Table Of Contents

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Examples in the United States.

Examples in other countries.

1. Privacy

1. Children and teens in war

2. Gay marriage

2. Cuba food rationing

3. The Pledge

3. North Korea's surveillance

4. Cameras in Public

4. China in control

5. Tracking chips

5. Kim Jong II

6. Hidden cameras

6. Islamic dress code

7. Cameras in the classrooms

7. North Korea's boarders

8. Texting

8. Canada X-Ray glasses

9. Government access to our phones

9. Gao Kao

10. Personal Telescreens

10. No Divorce

Examples in the United States:

In the United states we think we have privacy, but in reality we do not have as much as we think. The Government has control over just about everything we do. We follow all the rules they put out for us. The Government can [[#|access]] anything we do. They can go through our [[#|phones]] and computers, without us knowing or agreeing. In 1984 the people had no privacy what's so ever. They were watched all the time, and constantly told what to do. I hope that the United States doesnt lead to this.

Gay Marriage
People have been fighting for gay marriage rights for so long [[#|now]]. They're getting told who they can and can not be married too. They argue to say if you love someone you should be able to be with them. Some states in the US have passed the law for it to be aloud, but most still say no. The government should not be aloud to tell us who we can love, or who we can be with. we've passed some really big laws like Woman's Rights. I really hope we can pass this law. In 1984 the inner party and big brother did not allow any sexual relations. You were only allowed to be with the person you married.

gay marrige.png

The Pledge of Allegiance
[[#|Students]] have been tought to recite the pledge ever since elementary school. Children recite this because they were always told to, and you did it every day. They said it without even knowing what they were saying. They just said i tbecause they had to. Well now as a senior in highschool I havent said the Pledge once. If I remember correctly we havent said it one time in highschool. But it's something i'll never forget. In 1984, Winston says that theres a song he will always remember. its nothing but a memory in his head. He will never forget it.

Cameras in public
The Government is now putting cameras in public places like the parks. I feel that this is an invasion of privacy and freedom. Why watch innocent people who want to do nothing, but take their children to the parks, or go on a walk? It's not fair to anyone who doesnt deseve to be watched. Or in school the teachers and students should not be filmed in class. The teachers have a right to teach how they prefer, and not be pressured into teaching a way they dont feel comfortable teaching. In 1984 They have cameras and telescreens everywhere. you can not go somewhere without being watched.
camera on pole.png

Tracking chips
Parents are now putting tracking chips in children. When the children are older, they're not going to want to be tracked and watched at every second. they're going to want to be able to go out and have fun with their friends without worrying about their parents watching their every move. Also the Government is watching their every move. They can track anyone with this chip, and see what they're doing. In 1984 the telescreens followed you and watched your every move. You could never even get dressed without being watched.

Hidden cameras
The Government is now hiding cameras. There has been hidden camera's in a oublic bathroom. That is A huge invasion of privacy, and if i went to the bathroom i would not want to worry about being watched. Out of anywhere the Bathroom should be the most private place. Knowing that there was a camera in a bathroom makes me wonder where else they have hidden camera's, and how much i really am being watched by the government. In 1984 they had the telescreen everywhere and you had zero privacy.

Camera's in the classroom
Should we really have camera's in the classroom? I don't think its right to have cameras in the classroom. Teachers should not be watched teaching thats not fair. They have the right to teach the way they want to and not have to worry about messing up a little, and being cought. In 1984 the inner party watched everything. if yu messed up they would know, and they would catch you. youhad no privacy and you could not get away from the cameras.
camera in class.png

As more and more people start to get phones and start to text they are making up their own language. as the texting increases people are starting to shorten words and make up thier own. the phones are taking over our language. IN schoool the teens are writing like they would text because they're so used to it. Like in 1984 the New Speak language is taking over Oceania. It gets a lot of people in trouble and causes a lot of problems.

Examples in other countries:

Children and teens in war

In other countries they allow children and teen in the war. They feel like if the children are willing and wanting to go and fight for their county they should be allowed. I feel like you should not be able to go and fight if your're a child, or a young teen. i think you should be at least 18. I feel like you need to be matured enough to actually be able to see people killing eachother.

Cuba food rationing

In Cuba they have a limit in food. Cuba can not afford to feed everyone like in the US. The United States food for granted, and we get what we want when we want. In Cuba they plan meals ahead and eat much healthier. They learned to budget more carefully, and to never throw food away. Limited to what they ate, they always planned meals ahead, and spent most of their time doing so.

South Korea survillance

south Korea is increasing thier vidoe surveillance preparing for North Koreas Missles testing. North Korea could launch anytime now. They have launched missles before, but with sime kind of alert. South Korea has yet to get a alert, and is watching very closely for 24 hours.

China in control

In China they are trying to control the internet use. Chinese Government is shutting down all access to internet so the chinese people aren't worried about the other countires problems. They are jailing dissident bloggers and journalist. China has a group called the Watchdogs that keep an eye out for anyone breaking their new strict rules.

Kim Jog II

Kim Jog II is the North Korean Dictator who is trying to launch missiles in the United States because he thinks were bad.He plans on launching practice missiles into South Korean Territory. He plans on doing this and not even warning them.

kom jong.jpg

Islamic dress code

Woman in Islam have a dress code. Islamic woman can not show any skin except for around the eyes. They have to wear a long dress with sleeves. only hands and face can be shown. the suit can not resemble any men's clothing at all. it has to be think and can not be see threw. seeing the eyes causes sexual desire.

islamic people.jpg

North Korea Boarders

North Korea is setting up boarders because they do not want anyone to leave or come in. They are trying to keep the Korean people inside Korea so that they can not communicate with anyone outside of Korea. A helicopter crashed recently near the North Korean boarder. A guard says in South Korea. He also says that there is no reported deaths or injury's. Some think that they shot it down because they were getting to close to its boarders.


X-Ray Glasses

In Canada a group has created a type of glasses that can see through walls and buildings. They're making them because they are trying to see if people are smuggling things into hotels for drug deals. Or if they're trying to hide a bomb.



No Divorse

In the Philippians they are banning divorce because its taking over culture and values. They feel like if you love someone enough to get married than you should be able to love them for the rest of your time. You should not be around the other woman enough to fall in love with them. you just shouldn't need to get a divorce. you should love them forever.