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1- The pledge of allegiance
Head wraps
2-Cell Phone Tracking
No divorce
3- Public Surveillance
Forced into early marraige in europe
4- Private Surveillance
North Korean Victory
5- Metal Detectors
Forced aborion in China
6- Airport Security
Burma forces military service
7- Hateful news
Chinese cameras
Limitations of food in Cuba
9- Cellphone tapping
10- Social rules
Banning books

1984- A story where your every move is being watched. Is this a problem today? What are us Americans being controlled to do? What is being brainwashed into our heads? Is the government watching our every move? What if in reality we are living the story of 1984???

Examples we face-

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The Pledge of allegiance- In elementary school every morning did you stand up to say the pledge of allegiance. Did you really even know the meaning behind it? Or... was it something you were just forced to do! And... you would repeat it every morning. Eventually, It becomes something natural to you. Something that is just the "Right" thing to say. What five year old knows the meaning of the word Allegiance? Our brains were washed at a young age to pledge something we didn't even know the meaning of, until eventually it became something we believed and felt was right!

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Cell Phone Tracking- In today's society cell phones are no longer a want, but a need. Almost every individual in the United States carry a cell phone, and use it on a regular basis. How does it make you feel knowing that this cell phone can be tracked at any moment? Cell Phones are meant to keep a sense of privacy, yet they make it so easy to trace you.
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Public Surveillance-
Next time you go into a grocery store, bank, any public destination check the corners of the room you are in. What you may spot is a camera. These cameras are able to capture your every mood, and there is usually more than one to capture each angle. These camera's are basically a way of saying " Your every move is being watched."
Private Surveillance-
Have you ever drove by or walked by a sign saying something like " No trespassing or private property?" The properties that permit you from entering are allowed to have more than your typical surveillance. Like most properties you may be being watched on camera, but it could be worse. Some private properties even go as far as training a dog to attack any trespassers, or having barbed wire put a long a fence. How does it make you feel knowing that these lands are cut off from your access, and you can be physically harmed if you try to go to them?
external image airport-security-detector1.jpg
Metal detectors-
Have you ever walked into a store or even the mall and hear an alarm go off through the doorway? Those alarms are set off from a metal detector. These metal detectors are meant to capture theft and weapons, but can also be set off by simple things like a cell phone and belt buckle. Say you were walking through the door and your cell phone happens to be the cause of the detector going off. Then when you explain it was your cell phone you are still searched. Not only is that a sense of embarrassment, but also you are being viewed as a theft by outside viewers.
external image oh-uh-boss-we-better-strip-search-this-one-looks-like-a-terrorist-to-me-11677.jpg
Airport Security-
Have you ever been on an airplane? If so you know of the intense airport security you have to go through to even aboard. When you get in line for the airport your suitcases and bags all have to go through a sort of detector. Then you have to. When going through this detector you are being patted down by police officers and being watched like a hawk. That's not even the worse part, if an officer feels the need they can enforce a strip search. Now not only are your bags and yourself going through detectors, but now you are asked to remove every item from your body. Is this right?
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Hateful news-
Next time you watch the news pay attention to the news we are actually receiving. Do we receive good news, or are we constantly listening about murder and terrorism. Our news stations are very good at calling out the bad in the world. When they are doing this they are teaching us how dangerous and hateful this world is. This instills fear in us and we develop a hatred for some outside countries. They do this as a way to sway the public against something. If the entire public develops a fear for one country than if war or attacks are placed on them we are reliever and cheerful.
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One thing that America is good at is creating a censor to block certain things from the public eyes. Have you ever been in public and typed in a website, and your search comes back blocked? These block forbid you to continue your search. A lot of censorship are used in places like public libraries and schools. These blocks are able to forbid us from different websites and take away our internet rights.

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Cell phone tapping-
Not only are companies able to trace your exact location from your phone, but they can also do cell phone tapping. Cell phone tapping is when they are able to hack into a phone call you are having. The reason we have cell phones is so we can hold private conversations, but what happens when your conversations are no longer private. Your conversation could be tapped in to at any given moment, and you would have absolutely no knowledge it was happening. When this happens you phone does not signal you, in fact it makes no change at all. Next time you're on your phone be cautious because you may be being listened to.

Social rules-
On thing the United States is good at is creating social rules. These rules are enforced and followed everyday. If you break one of these rules you could be facing a harsh punishment or even jail time. These rules are like curfew, walking in groups at the mall, no wearing hats, your pants have to be above your waist, no gang affiliation attire (Matching), and if you are spotted with one of these you are being watched and questioned.

In other countries like Iran women are forced to wear a head scarf called a hijab. These scarfs are to be worn on the head of the woman. In some parts they are even forced to shield their faces only showing the eyes. They are to never be removed in pubic and are shown as a sign of respect, and that women have no control.
In the Philippines once you are committed to a marriage expect that marriage to be forced for a lifetime. There it is illegal to get a divorce. Divorce is looked down upon and shunned in this country. They claim that if they legalize divorce that is is going to be overused and people wont seek in the effort for a long marriage, but seek the easy way out.
Forced into early marriage in Europe- In Europe people are being forced in to marriage at a young age. They have been grown to know that starting a family early is what women were put on this earth for. Not only are these girls being forced to marriage in their mid teens, but they also may not get to even chose who their husband is. These husbands are chosen by the girls father, and they are chose to exceed the fathers benefits. Marriage is not about love in these countries but about reproduction and who you are.
North Korea's viewpoint-
In North Korea they have been told that they have beat the United states in a war. Us Americans know that this clearly isn't true, but these Koreans have no true knowledge. It has been claimed that the North Koreans have already launched a set of nuclear missiles at us once and captured a victory. The Koreans are getting their knowledge through media there and they have been receiving false information.
Forced abortion in china-
China has one of the largest population in the world. In some areas it is so overcrowded that people are living in tight poor living conditions. Not knowing how to eliminate this overpopulated area, Chinese officials have began to force abortions on the women. After having a first child because of the overcrowded populations the women are legally forced to have an abortion on any other pregnancy's.
Burma forces military services-
In the country of Burma being a part of the military is not an option but a demand. You are forced and trained to be in the military at a young age and there is absolutely no way around it. If you have any sort of handicap or disability they still find some sort of military practice for you to do.
Chinese Cameras-
In China they are on a whole new level of surveillance. Not only will you find these camera in public places, but also on the streets, in parks, bus stops, taxis, outside of building, even in neighborhoods. These cameras are meant to let the Chinese know that they are being watched, and they will not act out.
In Cuba they have a limit to how much food will be distributed and how much you can eat. Their idea of enough is unhealthy and is not giving the people the right nutrition they need.
In North Korea instead of a slap on a wrist for a crime they actually full on torture as punishment. This punishment to them is to enforce fear and to let the people know that they have full control.
Banning books- In some countries they have began to ban and completely get rid of books. These books are usually going against the religion practiced or the government control. They do not want the people to be able to develop new ideas or form opinions on their control.