Examples of 1984 in the United States and other countries

Examples in the U.S.
Examples in other countries
1. Government changing history
1. Libya wrongly arresting people
2. FBI spying on people
2. Mental effects of drone attacks in Pakistan
3. Government changing there story
3. Countries banning websites
4. Brainwashing people through videos
4. Brain washing people
5. Blaming other countries for our problems
5. North Korea blaming U.S.
6. Prisoners during wars
6. How Japan treated war prisoners
7. Police making people lie
7. China forcing women to get abortions
8. Banning books
8. Countries banning books
9. Torture used in America
9. Torture in other countries
10."Secret" police
10.Other countries "secret" police

U.S. examples
1. U.S. government changing history
On the White House Web site there were changes made to one of the pages. They also didn’t let the public know that they were changing it. The information changed was the names of the countries that publicly supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Some of the press releases talking about the names of the countries are no longer accessible, and a few others have been edited. So they would change the list and then would pretend that the new list was the original list. What they did is not as bad as it was in the book 1985, because people can still find the old pages, because the government is not able to destroy everything and anything that they want to.

white house.jpg

2. FBI illegally using surveillance on a man
The FBI used a listening devise to overhear a man’s conversation over the phone. The man was very mad that the FBI had been listeningsecurity cameras.jpg
in on his conversation because he thought that his Fourth Amendment rights had been violated. The Fourth Amendment protects people
from unreasonable search and seizure by police and government agencies. But over the years the government is letting groups like the FBI get away with more, and more. They can't watch everything that we do, but if they want to they can still see a lot of what we do.

3. U.S. government changing their story of how Bin Laden was killed
There have been many changes in the government’s story of how Bin Laden was killed. They would say one just the facts.jpg
thing one day and then slightly change it another day. Some things are a little hard to tell if there changing the
story and now there trying to cover it, or if there was just a misunderstanding. Like they originally said that he
died in a fire fight, meaning that he died shooting at them, when they shot back. But later they said that he was
not shooting, but someone else was, and he was killed during the time when this was happening. Meaning he
died in a firefight.

4. Govt. brainwashing people through videosbrainwashing video.png
In the 1960’s, one of the television stations would play a video of the U.S. National Anthem every evening. The lyrics to the song would show up, and as it changed to another line of the song, another “hidden” message would appear. So if you watch the video slow enough you can read the hidden lines. Some of the things that it says are “trust the US government” and “do not question government”. It is definitely very far from how things are in the book 1984, but it's still bad that they are trying it.
5. Blaming other countries for our problems
Blame.jpgNo one likes to be wrong so we tend to like to blame others for things that are going wrong. So when something bad is happening in the U.S. it makes us feel better if we can blame another country for our problems. Because then it’s them that needs to change and not us. We would rather hear about how we should convince another country to change than to take the time and effort to have us change. So we blame other countries like China, Iraq, and Pakistan, who people already have a reason not to like them too much. In America we normally have an idea of why we are at war with another country, and we are told when a war starts and ends with another country.

6. What U.S. did with prisoners of war
In World War II they were running out of places to put the prisoners of war, and a lot of the us prisoners.jpg
prisons were filling up. So they made prison camps for them to stay at, and a lot of times they made them work at them. Most ended up working on a farm or in a factory, so this helped America have more
people working on things, so they accomplished more. in the book 1985 people were sometimes sent to labor camps, which were a little like what the prison camps could be like.
7. Police forcing people to lie
A lot of times police will find a way to make a person confess to doing something, even though they didn’t do it. They mayboling pins.jpg
do this because they really think that they did it, or just to get it over with. There are many ways that the police can get people
to confess to doing things that they didn’t actually do. They will often use deception, fear tactics, long interviews, and sleep or
food deprivation. They will also sometimes exaggerate or under excaudate the crime that has been done. In America if they find evidence that proves your innocent you are normally sent free, but in 1985 they just destroy the evidence.

8. The U.S. trying to ban books
anne frank.jpgbannedbookposter.jpgharry potter.jpgMany books over the years have been challenged or banned. Sometimes it’s because people don’t like what the book is about, or its message, and other
times they just don’t like some of the words that are used in the book. If it is something little like a word that they don’t like, than some times they will just
switch in another word that still gives the same idea, but isn’t as bad. Normally the books are just banned from a certain area or are slightly changed, unlike in 1984 where they would change it as much as they wanted to, or would just destroy it.

9. The U.S. torturing people
It’s not something that we really think about all the time, and sometimes it’s a little hard to imagine the U.S. torturing prison.jpg
But it has been happening, and it probably won’t stop. Some of the people were not only tortured, but they were killed. No
one is really positive what they do, and what is happening to the people being tortured. Even though we know that this is
happening, there has never been a person that has been tortured and then gone to and American court. Like in 1984, we aren't completely positive of what is going on. We know that it is bad, but we let it happen because we don't want bad things happening to us, and we don't really know what were trying to stop.


10. “Secret” police in America
One of the closest things that the United States has to having “Secret Police” is the FBI. They have spent a lot of time spying on FBI- spying.jpg
famous people and well known groups. They have also spent time spying on other countries and those who may be a threat to us.
A lot of times they use what they learn to try and keep us safe, and get rid of threats toward us. In America the FBI can follow you around if they want to, and go through all of your information.

World Examples
1. Libya wrongly arresting people
In Libya thousands of people have been arrested over the years and are in government custody. Most of them were arrested with no formal charges and were not given access to a lawyer. There were also armed groups that have been arresting people even though they have no legal authority to detain people. Some of the people that were arrested were even tortured or killed. Like in 1984, there isn't always a good reason why they were arrested, and when they were arrested they basically had no rights given to them.

2. U.S. drone strikes mentally hurting people in Pakistan
The U.S. has been attacking Pakistan using drones to try and get rid of terrorists. Because of this the people there are living in fear of the drones, and it is hurting them both physically and mentally. TheLondon-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism thinks that the U.S. drones have killed over 3,581 people in Pakistan since 2004. And they may have killed as many as 884 civilians and 197 children. Some of the most common conditions that the attacks are causing, or making worse, are anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. Many people are now getting locally made tranquilizers and anti-depressants so that they can try and get on with their lives. In 1985 there city's were sometimes attacked, and it was something that they eventually got used to. Also, a lot of the people in the book were not very happy, and always had to be careful.

3. Countries banning Google and YouTube
Google.jpgMany countries like Thailand, Turkey, and Iran have banned or restricted the access to Google or YouTube. One of the main reasons the country’s say that they have been banned are that they are offensive. The governments would not allow the websites to be used until certain things were removed from the web sites. Many countries have said that once the offensive things are removed then they will give people access to the sites again. Google has been working with many countries to try and get the websites working there as well. This is similar to 1984 because the inner party didn't want they other parties getting information that wasn't from them. They wanted to make sure that everything that they heard or read was going to help the inner party and not hurt them.

4. Other countries brain washing Americans
Americans in Korean and Chinese prison camps during the Korean War were sometimes brain washed. Some prisoners confessed to doing things that they hadn’t, and others pledged allegiance to communism. Around 21 soldiers refused to return to the U.S. after they were set free. To brain wash someone you have to cause them both physical and mental pain until they can’t take it anymore and they start to believe it because it is the only way for them to survive. But a lot of times even after a person is brain washed they can eventually return to being themselves. In 1984 they were a lot better at this and would normally brain wash there own citizens.

5. North Korea blaming U.S. for problems
The people in North Korea think that the U.S. is the reason why they are having problems. They are also angry because they don’t like
the way that the U.S. is treating them. They think that they should be able to try nuclear testing. But it isn’t only the U.S. that doesn’t want north korea flag.jpg
them doing nuclear testing, many other countries agree with the U.S., but the U.S. has been one of the countries that has been most
stopping them from doing testing. Also they can blame every bad thing that happens on America, so to the regular North Korean citizen we look like the bad guys instead.

6. How Japan treated war prisoners
japan.jpgIn World War II the Japanese treated there war prisoners terribly. One in three people would die in the camps because of starvation, work, punishments, or disease. They were given barely any food and would be severely punished if they did something wrong. Sometimes they would even execute there prisoners. They did not go along with the terms of the Geneva Convention, and the Japanese made up their own rules, and treated there prisoners very harshly. In 1984 they did a lot of public executions, and it was something that the people looked forward to seeing.

7. China forcing women to have abortionschina.jpg
In China every now and then pregnant women will be kidnaped and will be forced to have an abortion. Families have to pay to
have more children, and if there not able to then sometimes they will force them to get an abortion. Some of the women were
seven or eight months pregnant when they were forced to have an abortion. The reason that they do this is because they want to
keep family sizes small in China, and one way to do that is to force people to have abortions. Like in 1985 they are trying to control what the people do, and are trying to control what happens in a family. And if they don't like what is happening, they will try and "fix" the situation.

8. Other countries banning booksbooks.jpg
In other countries they sometimes will ban a book, and sometimes they will try to completely get rid of the book for one reason or
another. Maybe it said something that the government thinks is wrong, or it goes against the government and they don’t want it
encouraging others. Also the authors of the books can be jailed, exiled, or even killed. So like in 1984 they will sometimes destroy books so that no one can get a hold of them and read what is written in them.

9. Torture in other countries
In other countries torture is very common and they don’t really try too hard to hide it. The use of torture in some parts of the world has gone down over the tortureposter.jpgyears, but it will never stop completely. Some think that it is very important and helps keep their countries safe. Also most times the public never learns what happens to the person being tortured and what they knew. It normally all stays a secret. Also normally people are tortured so that they can get information from them, but in 1984 people are tortured so they can die believing in the party.

10. “Secret” police in other countries
thought police.jpgA lot of countries have had secret police over the years. And a lot of times they were mostly feared by people. You didn’t want them coming after you because it probably would not end well for you. Also a lot of what they do stays a secret, so you really don’t know too much about what they do. Some countries with well-known secret police are the Soviet Union and Germany. The Thought Police are a lot like the other "secret" police groups, but they are much worse. They don't just arrest you for what you do, but for what they think you might do.

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